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Summer Olympics of London

Continuing Ministry to the Olympic Event Since 1972

40 Years of Ministry At The Olympics

Lynn Green, previously International Chairman of YWAM and member of the global eldership, looks back 40 years to the first Olympic outreach, and wonders what God will do this time

I  have been in YWAM for over 40 years now. I have been involved with some remarkable projects, and have seen God do some amazing things in and through YWAM. The Olympic outreach in Munich in 1972 is one of those memorable events!

Munich 1972 is remembered by most people for the horrors surrounding the so-called Munich massacre of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. But in the midst of that tragedy, God was working. Although the world was on edge, watching the unfolding drama of the terrorist attack, God was drawing His people together as one, to bring His message of peace and reconciliation to the watching world. I will never forget walking down the main streets of Munich, banners in hand, one of thousands proclaiming the name of Jesus to all who would listen and take notice. And there were many who listened, many who took notice. Despite the tragedy at Munich 1972, God was still glorified: indeed, perhaps because of the tragedy He received even greater glory as people looked for some comfort, some good, some source of real peace.

YWAM at Munich 1972

Munich was the first outreach that YWAM did at the Olympics…..

Youth With A Mission Invitation

YWAM Richmond Staff Says Jesse Is A Prime Candidate for Long-Term Missions Ministry

Following the path that the Lord prepared, Jesse volunteered to assist Youth With A Mission, Richmond, Virginia, in running their ropes course.  Upon observing and evaluating Jesse, the YWAM staff agreed, and the Director candidly stated, that Jesse was well suited for a long-term full-time missions ministry vocation.  They then asked Jesse to consider attending a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) that would fulfill a requirement for Jesse to be considered for a YWAM staff position.  A DTS is designed to have attendees seek the Lord for His will for their life, and to teach them to live and serve in ministry within a close-knit Christian community; wholly dependent on the Lord.

After attending the first phase of the YWAM DTS in Richmond, Virginia, Jesse has been formally invited to be a staff member.  It requires a life dedicated to relying upon the  Lord through people providing support while Jesse carries out the work of the ministry.


Jesse’s August Newsletter