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Jesse Carmichael provides personal challenge, outdoor and wilderness adventure staff support to Christian evangelism , teaching and team building ministries.  His emphasis is in application of God’s word in the life situations of event participants.  

Jesse’s finances are provided by gifts from  faith partners.  

Faith Challenges

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Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom

-  Team & Leadership Center, Black Mountain, N.C.

-  Camp Bighorn, Plains, Montana

-  Youth With A Mission, Richmond, Va.

-  Restoration Church Youth Ministries, Hampton, Va.

-  Boy Scouts, B.S.A. Troup 50, Montreat Presbyterian Church, Montreat, N.C.

- Camp Rockmont, Black Mountain, N.C.

Ministries Served


Wilderness First Responder - Wilderness Medicine: First Aid, CPR, extensive lifesaving training specific to that wilderness context or specifically any context more than two hours from definitive care.

Adventure Guild Level 1/ Belayed Events Facilitator - ACCT Curriculum governing safety procedures and industry best practices for belayed high events.

Level 2 ACA / Coastal Kayaking Course - 3 day course focused on paddling form and technique, also including self and assisted rescues, familiarization with tides, water safety and navigation.

Montreat College Wilderness Leader Certificate - Semester-long intensive wilderness leadership emersion course involving several backcountry trips, trainings, and real life wilderness leadership opportunities.  Focus on Leadership, LNT, Risk Management, Logistics, Technical Skills, and Teaching.  All WEA Curriculum.

Rock Climbing Single Pitch Instructor - Site management, safety briefing, climbing technique; gear selection and anchor building; Belaying, top and slingshot belays; belay technique; rescues, belay transfers and escapes; mechanical advantage haul systems; equipment care and storage.

Whitewater Kayaking Instructor - Class (I-II) - Boat sizing and equipment selection; equipment care; group management; safety briefing; wet exit, river features, paddling technique, strokes, t-rescues, c-to-c rolls, sweep roll; rescues and recovery.

Whitewater Raft Guide - Class (I-III) - Personal and group equipment; paddling technique; safety briefing; reading rivers instruction; performing rescues; facilitation of activities.