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Set The Captives Free
David Alan

(757) 320-2220

Freedom Ministries
P.O. Box 3172
Hampton, Virginia

Coming back to Hampton Roads
Freedom 1650 - AM WHKT Talk Radio

Faith and Freedom
Preservative Talk Radio

Sample Broadcast Audio

Stimulus Stigma

Was Jesus A Socialist?

Florida Domestic Partnership Pandemic of Dimentia

Stream button provides show opening segment.  Segment 2 link starts the  substantive commentary on the topics covered)

Global Financial Tsunami Warning

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Advertising Campaign

Don't Ask; Don't Tell - Reality Considerations

Radio Show Video Series
  -   No Praying In Jesus Name Federal Court Ruling
  -   No Praying In Jesus Name - Part 2
  -   Reject Isms - Stand For Truth
  Most Talk Radio Is Not Concerned About Truth
  Why Are Marxists The Bad Guys?
Radio Show Sampler Video Published On Google

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