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Geared for the Gospel

A lifestyle of learning, adventure, and ministry in preparation for a life calling.

Jesse Carmichael, Principal Minister of our Faith Challenge ministries, was raised in a household whose passion was to practice what the Lord Jesus preached.

An enthusiastic participant in the AWANA club as a child, Jesse earned nearly every award available leading to the Citation award, memorizing and reciting thousands of Bible verses.  Jesse showed a great interest in nature and natural sciences in his studies.  Reared in a family of avid campers, he spent much time enjoying the outdoors from the mountains to the sea.  Since he was schooled at home, Jesse was able start in first grade before most kids get to kinder-garden.  That enabled him to graduate high school at the age of fifteen and begin college.

The Carmichael family model for life is to know the Lord, to know His will, and to exercise faith in obedience to His call.  That lifestyle, and the hand of the Lord on Jesse led him to Montreat College for their dual-major Environmental Science and Outdoor Education degree program.  Jesse poured himself into everything that could prepare him to fulfill his childhood dream to become a missionary adventurer.

Finishing his last class in August, 2011, two months before his twenty-first birthday, Jesse had accomplished a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in two separate majors; Environmental Field Studies & Outdoor Education, with a minor in Biology.  The honors he received at his commencement were Summa Cum Laude, Alpha Chi*, and the Montreat Scholarship Pin**. Jesse was the only one among the one-hundred, eighty students that day to receive all three honors.  Invited by the college to continue on to a Masters Degree, funded by the college, Jesse declined in order to fulfill his desire to put his training to work, reaching the world for Christ.

Great thanks go to John and Laura Rogers who were used mightily as ‘God the Potter’s’ hands, to do some final shaping, trimming, and glazing in Jesse’s life; preparing him to be a vessel useful to the Lord for his purposes.

We thank David & Jamie Walters for being a perpetual encouragement to Jesse and us, his family.

Many thanks also go out to the faculty and staff whom Jesse would often mention as being a blessing to him; Doctors: Brian Joyce, Andrew Bobilya, Brad Daniel, Dottie Schuman, among others.  Joy Dorr was an encouragement to me as she and her business office patiently walked with us day by day, trusting the Lord for His supply for our financial need.

David Alan Carmichael

Founder, Freedom Ministries

Montreat College - Commencement

December 17, 2011  -  Summa Cum Laude

Dan Struble - President - Montreat College

Jesse Carmichael - Graduating With Honors

Freedom Ministries is one ministry founded by David Alan Carmichael through David Alan Carmichael Ministries, launched in 1997.  The primary work beginning in 1997 was through an urban evangelism job skill training program.  Subsequently, we began a biblical world-view ministry that reached the cosmopolitan culture and the church through a commercial talk radio broadcast on the Faith and Freedom show. During that time David was ‘training his relief’ by equipping his children for the work of Christ’s ministry.  Freedom ministries is now creating a platform to support the launch of other vital ministry mechanisms.  

Jesse Carmichael has been serving in the work of the gospel under the banner of Freedom Ministries since 2010.  Under that umbrella, Jesse has supported various camps and outdoor education & wilderness personal challenge ministries in Montana, North Carolina and Virginia.    

Freedom Ministries - Natural Expansion

Reaching The World For Christ

Right Where The World Is

Youth With A Mission Invitation

YWAM Richmond Staff Says Jesse Is A Prime Candidate for Long-Term Missions Ministry

Following the path that the Lord prepared, Jesse volunteered to assist Youth With A Mission, Richmond, Virginia, in running their ropes course.  Upon observing and evaluating Jesse, the YWAM staff agreed, and the Director candidly stated, that Jesse was well suited for a long-term full-time missions ministry vocation.  They then asked Jesse to consider attending a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) that would fulfill a requirement for Jesse to be considered for a YWAM staff position.  A DTS is designed to have attendees seek the Lord for His will for their life, and to teach them to live and serve in ministry within a close-knit Christian community; wholly dependent on the Lord.

Jesse will attend the YWAM DTS in Richmond, Virginia, beginning April 1, 2012

*   Alpha Chi Award of the National College Honor Scholarship Society is awarded to students remaining in the top ten percent among their peers.

**  Montreat Scholarship Pin is awarded to students on the Dean’s List or Distinguished Scholar List for six consecutive semesters.